Shipping Sub-Agreement

Terms and Conditions: “Shipping Sub-Agreement”

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 1 (General Description)
Certain restrictions apply. On business days following extended holiday weekends, during sales and promotions or other heavily visited days, delays may occur and should be expected. EUphoricXS fulfills orders as received by ARAMEX Express, and then BG Post Priority. This “Shipping Sub-Agreement” is a legally binding condition of “our” "Terms and Conditions”.

We will ship your order ANYWHERE IN THE EUROPEAN UNION or where a EU Trade Agreement is accessible through the Bulgarian Postal Service Priority Tracked Mail FREE when certain conditions are met!

Spend as little as $68 on Retail Catalogue Products and we will waive the shipping charges for this service. Thats only two 10ml bottles from our Retail Catalogue Products and you’ll qualify for our FREE ANYWHERE SHIPPING.

This is a great discount if you’re patient and have a few days you can wait to receive your order. Standard delivery times in the European Union for Bulgarian Postal Service Priority Tracked Mail are reported to arrive in as little as 3-10 business days.

This economical shipping option offers the flexibility of spending the money on products rather than the cost of shipping. You are agreeing, by selecting this option, that your expected delivery will be 10 business days in the European Union. If you need your order fast, please select EMS or the Express shipping options. EUphoricXS will only look into delayed arrival times after the expected delivery time has expired.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 2 (Processing Times and Product Catalogue)
Processing Times:

Experience the Lightning! 99% of all “retail orders” before 2pm (UTC/GMT +3) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) will ship the very same day! On business days following extended holiday weekends, during sales and promotions or other heavily visited days, processing delays may occur, although uncommon. Orders are processed in the order they are received, however EMS and Express “retail orders” may take precedence over others.

Retail Catalogue:
Retail Products that make up “retail orders” are considered readily available products found in the categories of Men, Women and Unisexy. These products qualify for FREE ANYWHERE SHIPPING when conditions are met.

Custom Catalogue:

Anything ordered from outside our retail catalog such as: Custom Orders, Raw Molecules, XSR Research Molecules, Putative Alternative Molecules, Pheromone Molecules or as otherwise noted will add an additional 30-45 business days “custom order” processing to your order.

These orders are processed and fulfilled in our pheromoneXS United States Laboratory and when completed are held until they can be shipped with regularly scheduled resupplies to our European Union Center. This additional time can be up to 45 days (sometimes more) as your “custom order” will only ship when a full resupply container is ready. Estimates of scheduled resupplies dates are available by following this link to our Shipping Calendar USA here.

In the event a custom order is expected to take longer than 45 days to ship from our pheromoneXS United States Laboratory our Customer Concierge will notify you.

Combined Retail and Custom Catalogue:
Due to the logistics of how Custom Catalogue orders are handled any combination of Retail and Custom Catalogue orders will have the Custom Products aspect cancelled and gift voucher issued. In the event you’d like a refund instead of a gift voucher (within 5 business days) you may contact our Customer Concierge to make arrangements.

Please Do Not order both Retail and Custom Catalogue products in the same order!

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 3 (Merchant Services Address Requirements)
Billing/Shipping Address:
Our Merchant Services account requires all orders be addressed and shipped only to the Bill To Party or an Authorized Shipping Address. Exceptions are only made provided the Card Holder completes a Credit Card Authorization Form which will be emailed to you upon request. In addition you must submit a copy of the credit card front and back as well as a copy of your national ID. EUphoricXS will use these documents for verification purposes, but retains the right to require shipment to Bill To Party or cancel the order.

Bank Verify:
Please Note that some orders can experience unexpected delays such as related to banking and address verification. Every so often, something triggers our merchant processors security feature, designed to protect us, and you, from online fraud. Please do not panic as these alerts can be triggered by very innocent behavior. Often these alerts are sorted out within a day or two and a shipping notice with tracking is sent out quickly without any input or extra steps required. Sometimes however, we require additional information and so we will make every effort to contact you.

A safe and secure shopping experience is very important to us and hopefully to you as well.

Cancelled Orders:
EUphoricXS has the right to cancel any order, at any time, in violation of any condition of Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 3 without compensation except a refund when payment has already been made.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 4 (Shipping Costs)
Bulgarian Postal Service (or its country specific equivalent) €5 (Free if over USD $68 in product)


Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 5 (Tracking and Estimated Delivery Times)
Tracking Numbers:

We include a delivery confirmation number as provided from Bulgarian Postal Service with every order when selecting this service. These numbers are not always updated for each step and will typically only confirm delivery. Usually when the package is transferred to the respective countries postal service the confirmation can be located on that countries tracking system.

Delivery is estimated within 3-5 days with tracking provided.

EUphoricXS utilizes several different EXPRESS services to selected countries to expedite shipping speeds and keep costs low. These services might include Aramex, Speedy and Econt as well as numerous others. Purchase of EXPRESS Shipping services only indicate you have paid for EXPRESS Shipping and not a select company.

ARAMEX (1-3 Days)
We use ARAMEX as our provider for Next Business Day. You will be provided a tracking number.

In some instance ARAMEX requires a 24 hour notice for parcel collection. While we do our best to ship packages same day your order may be delayed by this 24 hour collection time.

ARAMEX has provided the following Delivery Estimates
ZONE ONE 1-2 Business Days

ZONE TWO 2-3 Business Days
Czech Republic

Estimated Delivery Times:
Estimates are given as a general courtesy as to expected delivery, but this is NOT a guaranteed service, just a typical delivery time.

In some very rare instances some expected delivery times may be subjected to delays and no warranty or claim can be made to their accuracy. EUphoricXS has already taken every necessary step to import our products into the EU and thus orders are not required to undergo any additional customs scrutiny. Please notify our Customer Concierge immediately if you experience any customs delays or requests for additional VAT, Customs, Import, or Brokerage Fees of any type

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 6 (Additional Fees)
VAT/Customs/Import/Brokerage Fees

EUphoricXS has already paid all associated taxes for importing products into the EU and therefore you should not be required to pay any additional fees in the European Union. There is a nominal VAT cost of 7% added to all products to offset these fees already paid by us.

Your order should not require any additional VAT, Customs, Import, or Brokerage Fees of any type to be collected on delivery. It is however your responsibility to understand the laws and regulations of your country and EUphoricXS can not be held accountable in any way for any additional cost you might incur. In the event you are requested to pay any additional costs please notify our Customer Concierge immediately.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 7 (Discrete Packaging)
Discrete Packaging:

Your privacy is top priority at XS which is why our SUPER-DISCRETE packaging takes top-prize. All orders are shipped in nondescript packaging with absolutely no markings that reveal whats on the inside. The return address is listed as Aser Gruppe International with no mention of EUphoricXS or pheromones anywhere outside the package.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 8 (Delivered, Lost Packages, Insurance)
Delivered Packages

Most packages are delivered in a timely fashion in accordance with the Estimated Delivery Times without any incidents.

Packages that are marked as delivered by the BG Postal Service or their respected European Union Postal Service counterpart are the sole responsibility of the addressee. You must take up all missing packages marked as delivered packages with your local postal service. We cannot be responsible for the local postal service, or lack of therewith, when packages are marked as delivered.

When can a lost package claim be made?

You agree that EUphoricXS will not file any claim on your behalf until after the expected delivery date passes: Ten (10) business days within the European Union.

A claim to locate lost packages can be expected to take up to an additional Ten (10) business days after contacting EUphoricXS Customer Concierge. Decision that are rendered by our insurance provider will serve as the final outcome of a packages status.

It is your sole responsibility to submit any claim to our Customer Concierge for lost packages, regardless of shipping service, after the initial Estimated Business Time has expired but no later than Ten (10) business days after the Estimated Delivery Time has expired (see example below). Failure to submit a claim to our Customer Concierge within Ten (10) business days after the Estimated Delivery Time has expired will nullify any claims and your order will not be replaced.

Claim Filing Example:
FREE ANYWHERE SHIPPING: Must file claim after 10 business days but on or before 20 business days.
EXPRESS Shipping Must file claim after 5 Days business days but on or before 15 business days.
ARAMEX Shipping Must file claim after 3 Days business days but on or before 13 business days.

How does Insurance work?
All packages are insured for their contents only. EUphoricXS uses a private insurance broker to ensure your packages are quickly replaced in the unlikely event one goes missing. Claims will only be made after the Estimated Delivery Times have expired to ensure our shipping partners have had sufficient time for delivery. Please see above Claim Filing Example.

Please take note the cost of our FREE ANYWHERE SHIPPING is not declared as part of the cost of your order. Therefore, these orders are insured for the contents of the order only and not for the cost of postage. If your shipment is lost you will be required to pay the postage on its replacement prior to reshipment.

We cannot make any claims for missing packages marked as “Delivered” by the respected service. You must contact that service immediately to collect your package. EUphoricXS can not be held responsible for any missing package marked as delivered.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Section 9 (Bad Mail, Undelivered or, Abandoned Packages)
Undeliverable (Returned) Packages:

In the event a package is returned for delivery failure, incorrect address, or for any other reason not within the direct control of EUphoricXS all shipping fees including any return shipping fees will be deducted from any refund issued. EUphoricXS therefore will have met its obligations to ship the order and any requests to have the order reshipped will incur additional shipping charges. In the event your order was shipped with free or discounted shipping EUphoricXS will deduct the shipping charges, as published herewith, from any refunds to cover our expenses including but not limited to any return shipping fees we are charged.

Abandoned Non-Returned Packages
In the event a package is abandoned or not returned by the delivery service because of delivery failure, incorrect address, or for any other reason not within the direct control of EUphoricXS no refunds will be offered.

You are only eligible for a refund if the package is returned to EUphoricXS and you can show proof of said return. EUphoricXS is not responsible to have the package returned as oftentimes the return shipping fees are far more expensive than the contents of the order itself.

Shipping Sub-Agreement Summation
This “Shipping Sub-Agreement” serves as a legally binding contract between Aser Gruppe International, Corp. Munford, TN USA and any customer, client or persons who chooses to purchase, buy, gift or otherwise enter into business with Aser Gruppe International, Corp. any of its subsidiaries, websites, or web-stores or through participation of online auctions including but not exclusive to eBay, or any other means where an implied business agreement is entered into. Aser Gruppe International, Corp. herewith may also be referred to as “Aser”. “company”, “EUphoricXS” “pheromoneXS”, “XS”, “us”, “we” and/or “our” and customer, client or person (identifying anyone who conducts business with Aser Gruppe International, Corp.) may also be referred to as, “you”, “your”, “them”, or “they”.

Business is defined as an order of products and/or services between Aser Gruppe International, Corp. which originates online, offline, telephone, mail (electronic or postal), or anywhere else and not limited to monetary exchanges only. Furthermore business with Aser Gruppe International, Corp. may be conducted online at any of “our” websites, web-stores, landing pages, online auctions, hosted store, online malls or any other means that delivers “your” business to “us”.

This “Shipping Sub-Agreement” is in whole a part of the Terms of Service which govern “your” usage of this website. No agent, representative, customer concierge, associate or anyone representing “Aser” has the authority to alter, modify, or waive any provision of this contract whether verbally or written.

This “Shipping Sub-Agreement” is universal to all transactions, processes, orders, services or any type of business that requires a physical shipment of anything that otherwise cannot be digitally delivered by Aser Gruppe International, Corp’s. in “our” normal course of business. Please ensure “you” understand this agreement as “you” are bound by the terms within.