Beta Pheromones

Thank you for your attention of our EUphoricXS Unisexy Beta Pheromone blends. We take great pride in creating new and exciting blends as often as we can. Some of these blends come directly from our community influencers who want to share what works for them while many others come from our own personal observations. One thing we stand by is you will only find blends we are personally wearing.

Unisexy Beta-Test pheromone blends are blends that we are testing to determine their usability in the overall scheme of things. Sometimes a Unisexy Beta-Test blend might be a favorite retail pheromone blend that we've tweaked with the addition of a molecule, or the lowering of another. Our goal is to never change a formula without community feedback.

You can think of Unisexy Beta-Test pheromone blends as blends in their infant stages. At EUphoricXS we are all pheromone enthusiasts and hobbyists who, just like yourself, love to mix and match blends and effects to create new blends and new effects. We are all on the leading edge of creativity and these are those blends we created with your knowledgeable feedback and direction.

You can think of our Unisexy Beta pheromone blends as a research experiment where new blends are created and tested by our dedicated crowd-sourced community of pheromone enthusiasts at

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