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Evolve XS - Pheromone Blend for Men

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 Evolve XS - Pheromone Blend for Men

Evolve XS - Pheromone Blend for Men

Brand:Aser Gruppe

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Introducing "EVOLVE-XS".

Most of today's pheromone attraction blends for men, to attract women, are designed with the more is better concept and 99% of these contain Androstenone. Anyone who understands the unique science of pheromones will immediately understand that this concept is inherently flawed.

For the uninitiated pheromone user, Androstenone is the most powerful and widely used sexual pheromone produced by men to attract the opposite sex. It packs a highly sexual charge which, however, if used in too great a quantity can be perceived as overly aggressive and off-putting.  Simply stated, a little too much androstenone and you might find yourself pushing your target away! Androstenone is the most sought after pheromone molecule which, in most cases, will either create intense emotions of magnetism or, conversely, repulsion. And, while repulsion may not be the reaction you’re looking for, it is none-the-less a reaction.

There’s an age old addage: “Love me if you will; hate me if you must; but for God's sake, don't ignore me.” 

Unfortunately, the use of too much androstenone translates into the transmission of abnormally high sexual signals to those around you. The net result is one of complete and total filtering on the part of the people receiving the signal. Simply put; when we get a super intense signal, completely outside the scope of the norm, we tend to just ignore it.

With androstenone more is not necessarily better, a common misunderstanding and complaint surrounding pheromone many products. 

At PheromoneXS we developed a unique two-part system allowing greater concentrations of Androstenone (20 mcg of Androstenone per spray), yet, without any the adverse effects caused by perception of aggression or simply being ignored due to signal-overload. This IS captivating sexual power to catch the attention of women anywhere. All in just one product; Evolve-XS.

The best part is this was all the pleasant outcome of a lab mistake. Androstenone is a heavy molecule which has a tendency to last longer than other “lighter” mones mixed with it. The lighter mones, generally used for buffering or “tempering” the androstenone, tend to dissipate faster leaving only androstenone in all its raw aggressiveness. Our little mistake led us to our proprietary blend technology which slows down the diffusion rate of the tempering mones to that of the androstenone. Now, the tempering mones last just as long as the androstenone which means you can apply more without losing the balance effect of the blend. 

Hot, strong sexual signals balanced with softer, warm social overtones, all blended to last. No adverse side effects, Genius!

Go for it. Wear it to school. To the senior center. Or club all night long. It works for everyone.

"Evolve-XS" It has! Wear some, and you will too!


Results should last between 6 to 8 hours using 1 to 2 sprays applied to clean dry skin. This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

EUphoricXS does not pre-fragrance pheromone blends and therefore all blends are shipped UNSCENTED.

Pheromone molecules are lab-synthesized body odors and can typically be unpleasant odors. Alcohol based Colognes such as Aqua Di Geo  help lift or elevate the pheromone molecules off your skin into the air around you which is known as diffusion. At EUphoricXS we use our Advanced Diffusion Technology already built into our pheromone blends so with or without cologne you get diffusive consistent results every time.

For Best Results, we recommend using your favorite cologne or fragrance oil as a cover scent to help mask the potential unpleasantness of pheromone odors. You can apply cologne by spraying directly on-top or close by to the pheromone application point. Spraying directly on-top of pheromone application point should only be done with alcohol based colognes. Fragrance oils, or any other type of oils should only be applied close by the pheromone application point and not directly on-top of it as this can interfere with our built-in Advanced Diffusion Technology.

We encourage you to learn more about the importance of the EUphoricXS Advanced Diffusion Technology along with other tips and fun topics at our crowd-sourced social community site: www.DiscoverXS.com

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