About EUphoricXS

Who is EUphoricXS?

In October, 2010 Stephen Osborn, affectionately called Steve O, was working as a consultant for a “big name” pheromone company but was struggling financially as well as morally. A pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist, Stephen was dedicated to a community of like minded individuals set on improving their lives, and the lives of others, through chemosignal communication.

After numerous eye-opening experiences consulting for the “big-name” pheromone company Stephen knew there had to be another way forward. It had become obvious the “big-name” company was selling for the sake of financial gain without much thought into actual pheromone blends that worked. Fiercely loyal it would take numerous similar incidents to finally kick him in the butt hard enough to get him started on what’s become an amazing Journey

Stephen was creating very successful, popular blends he freely gave to the community, usually losing money on his expenses like bottles and supplies. The response was overwhelming and yet Stephen was still resistant to start his own company. Circumstances, like a a good swift kick in the butt, soon changed his outlook and shortly thereafter Stephen began his adventure.

Our Values

In 2010 Aser Gruppe International was established as the corporation that eventually would house all the ideas and brands in the creative mind of our founder. A simple way to reach the countless other hobbyists, enthusiasts, and many others just looking for a slight edge in life and love. Stephen saw a need to provide others access to the highly valued and sought after artisan blends he was creating for himself. Unlike the “big brand” vendors a promise was made from the very beginning, we will never sell a pheromone blend we are not personally using ourselves.

Over the last years Aser Gruppe has grown from a tiny store selling an incredible silky smooth pheromone blend massage oil to a company known world-wide for our values, high-quality products, awesome customer service experience, reasonable pricing and willingness to listen to our most valuable asset, you our clients.

Aser Gruppe continues to shine based on a supportive community of like minded pheromone enthusiasts. Shortly after working part-time in a spare bedroom converted into a lab, Aser now operates in a 3000 foot square facility just outside Memphis, TN, with administration offices in Baltimore and now our EU Fulfillment Center.

Aser Gruppe International chose the Heart symbol as a representation of our XS brands, defining our values as love, compassion, honesty and something that can only be described as wondrously-strange. These are our Core Values we are committed to live our lives by.  

  • Be happy and treat everyone as you expect to be treated. The Golden Rule

  • Be honest with integrity as your moral compass

  • Be charitable and offer a helping hand whenever possible

  • Be grateful for everything, especially those things that offer potential for growth

  • Be passionate about everything that makes you happy

  • Be accepting and compassionate of everyone. Sometimes its all it takes to change a life!

  • Be valuable by leaving value wherever your journey takes you

  • Be family orientated and the community will become a family

  • Be successful by setting goals and going after them.

  • Be humble, willing to listen and learn from others. The not-so-secret to amazing communication

  • Be adventurous and take risks. The higher the risk, the bigger the reward

  • Be wondrously-strange and never take yourself to seriously

  • Be Amazing!

Historical Timeline

October 2010   Aser Gruppe International, Corp was founded as the supplier and distributor of high-quality pheromone blends and ingredients to produce                                           special pheromone blends.

March 2011    MassageXS was founded as an online brand to distribute our super high quality massage oil. Customers primarily are private individuals                                            with some exclusive availability in higher end spas.

July 2012    PheromoneXS began online operations of our exclusive hand-made retail pheromone blends, as well as the exclusive distributor of                                           MassageXS. Customers are offered access to rare and sought after pheromone molecules as well as custom and artisan pheromone blends

March 2013    The first of many successful license agreements are signed.

October 2016    EUphoricXS our European Union online distribution brand opens for service. Tests begin and quickly exceed expectations. Customers are                                           other pheromone hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Stephen Osborn

Steve Osborn continues to be the sole shareholder of Aser Gruppe International and all its related brands and companies. In addition Marian Stoev serves as Vice President of EU Services and EUphoricXS as well as Director of Information Technologies for Aser. Noel Osborn (Steve’s eldest brother) serves as Director of Operations and Brands for Aser Gruppe.

Over the years Steve has become a sought after mentor, advocate and trusted source for integrity and honor in the pheromone community. Aser Gruppe and all its related brands and companies employ close to 20 persons.